Sex & Relationship Coaching

Sue Newsome

Welcome to the web-site for Sex & Relationship Coaching. My passion is to help women, men and couples feel more sexually confident so that they can enjoy sexual satisfaction, use their sexual confidence as a resource in their life and freely choose how to express their sexuality. I firmly believe that our sexuality is a core aspect of being human and that sexual confidence has a positive impact on our overall wellbeing.

My areas of expertise include

  • Coaching for women and men to build and develop sexual confidence
  • Support for couples to discover and deepen their sexual enjoyment and satisfaction
  • Support for women and men with physical disability to explore their sexual expression
  • Teaching and training on all aspects of sexual education

The coaching is provided in West London and Gloucestershire. Please have a look at the information on this web-site and email Sue or call her on 07767 891009

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