Sex Education Classes

In additon to coaching, I also offer educational events which can be customised to meet the requirements of different audience groups and include Sex Lessons which are leading edge sex education classes for all ages of adults and professionals. This useful knowledge about sex is targeted at both genders as well as all sexual orientations, it includes easily digestible information that we usually don't get or know how to apply.

In today's world, quality sex education is an absolute necessity to our health and happiness and as such, we believe that accessible information about sexual health, sexual anatomy, sexual function, sexual pleasure and desire should be available to everyone who seeks it. Our Sex Lessons class is our solution: in just two hours we aim to give you answers to those niggling questions about the facts of life and give you the building blocks to having positive sexual relationships.

These highly informative lessons will leave you feeling more confident and knowledgeable and include time for discussion and questions. Sex Lessons are for people who feel inexperienced and for the experienced who want to learn more. There is no sexual interaction or physical exchange between participants. Unless stated, Sex Lessons are relevant for all genders and sexual orientations, whether single or partnered. My overriding objective is to deliver material in a clear and enthusiastic manner that informs, inspires and educates and I endeavour to bring the training material alive to create a stimulating and exciting environment for learning.

Training material includes:

  • Knowledge, techniques and ideas to help you become a more confident & skilled lover - Pleasure Him and Pleasure Her
  • Tools to overcome blocks and improve intimacy for couples
  • A model for building sexual confidence.

Sex Education training is also provided for professionals and here are some examples of training topics that are available:

  • Sexual Awareness training for Health Care Professionals
  • Sex and Disability
  • How Sexual Confidence can be used as a diagnostic tool
  • Negotiation and Communication skills for couples
  • Benefits of Sex Coaching
  • How Tantra can complement Sex Therapy.

For further information about Sex Education Classes, please email Sue or call her on 07767 891009. to discuss.

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