Sex Surrogacy

From time to time, I may refer my clients onto other sexual health professionals who I have personally selected for their quality and experience. You can be assured that I am confident in their ability to deliver a different yet equally profound service to the one that I offer, in my sex and relationship coaching practice.

One such example, would be my long standing relationship and respect for surrogate partner therapy.

Surrogate Partner Therapy is a therapeutic relationship between a trained surrogate partner and a client. It generally consists of a program of exercises which are organised in steps, each offering a new level of confidence, intimacy and connection.

The roles of Surrogate and Therapist are for ethical reasons, always separate. Therefore you may continue to work with me for personal reflection, whilst you embark on a surrogacy program.

Surrogates see their "work" as gifting their sexuality, loving support and inner beauty to support the development of another, sharing themselves freely and fully with an open heart.

Your program may contain initial communication and trust building exercises; opening up the senses and deepening your connection with your body, sensations and feelings; learning to connect with a partner mentally, emotionally, sensually and finally sexually; learning about your own and your partners physical and energy body; sensual touching exercises and if appropriate teachings and practice of kissing and lovemaking. All of which are compatable to run alongside your sex coaching program.

For further information about surrogate partner therapy, please email Sue or call her on 07767 891009. to discuss.

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