Sue Newsome
Sex Coach - Sex Educator - Tantra Teacher

Sue NewsomeSue is a truly inspirational teacher, facilitator and therapist who has been working in the fields of tantra, sexuality and relationships for 12 years. Her down-to-earth attitude, grounded approach and strong empathy mean that she can provide very practical and realistic advice to individuals, couples and groups. Her unique approach is derived from her experience as a tantra teacher together with her training as a sex and relationship therapist. Sue's coaching sessions are structured to help people overcome obstacles to intimacy and sexual difficulties. She is a natural educator, teaching people how to find or enhance their sexual pleasure in a responsible and aware manner and has specific experience of supporting people with physical disabilities to find their sexual expression.

In addition to providing coaching sessions, Sue develops and delivers lessons and courses on different aspects of sexuality and relationship for both clients and professionals.

Sue runs tantra and sexuality workshops with Shakti Tantra; she is an active member of SHADA (Sex and Disability Alliance) and is one of the founders and Chair of BASE (British Association of Sexual Educators). In terms of Sue’s training and qualifications, she is trained in Transpersonal Psychotherapy, is qualified as a counselor and gained her qualification as a sex and relationship therapist from the internationally acclaimed Porterbrook Clinic in Sheffield. In addition to her formal therapy training, Sue has studied Tantra, Native American sacred sexuality and bio-energetics and she draws upon her knowledge of both eastern and western practices and her significant experience to deliver a very comprehensive service to her clients and is a member of an IPN (Independent Practitioners Network) forming group.