Sex Coaching For Women

Women of any age, sexual orientation and physical ability are welcomed to an initial coaching session to determine whether coaching is the best approach. The coaching sessions can help women explore any of the following:

  • Low sexual confidence and lack of sexual experience
  • Body image issues
  • Dealing with sexual abuse or negative sexual experiences
  • Genital numbness and dislike of own genitals
  • Lack of sexual desire and sexual shut down
  • Performance anxiety including orgasm difficulties, on your own or with partner
  • How to enjoy sex with physical disability
  • Fear of your sexual power
  • Painful sex including vaginismus
  • Desire to experience multiple orgasms
  • Difficult feelings associated with fantasies or fetishes
  • G-spot orgasms and female ejaculation
  • Pelvic Floor weakness including incontinence and postnatal recovery
  • Desire to explore/deepen sexuality including tantra.

The coaching sessions typically involve talking about sex and relationship issues, looking at the impact on your wellbeing, exploring associated emotions, sex education, practical demonstrations, exercises and home assignments. My overall approach is based on looking at how pleasure can be enjoyed and optimised rather than being pre-occupied with performance.

Relationship Coaching works with what is currently happening within your relationship. It involves talking and listening about sex and relationship issues both together and individually, information giving, forgiving, moving forward and carrying out home assignments.

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